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Beatrice's Fate

New Book Release: I am pleased to present my debut book

‘Beatrice’s fate’, my debut novel, is a historical romance book set mainly in Bergamo, Italy, in the 1600s.

The Plot

New Book Release Beatrice's fate by Camilla Galbiati

historical romance book

Beatrice's Fate

1614, Italy. Nine-year-old Beatrice Locatelli is forced to leave her family, and her beloved mountain hamlet, to move to Bergamo and work as a scullery maid for the Terzi, a noble family. Her future looks bleak until a fortuitous encounter with Eleonora, Lord Terzi’s daughter, changes the course of her life forever.

Ten years later, on a stormy summer afternoon, Beatrice meets Alessandro Lanzi, a young nobleman who saves her life. Despite being attracted to him, at first, she refuses his attentions, conscious of her humble origins and of the social disparity between them; as growing feelings become impossible to resist, will the love that they feel for each other be enough? With circumstances beyond their control, duty and a deadly pestilence raging through Bergamo, can their dream of a life together ever become reality?

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‘Beatrice’s fate’ main characters

Beatrice's Fate

Beatrice Locatelli

Beatrice is the main character in my story.

She is a beautiful young woman who faces life’s many challenges with great courage and resilience.

Alessandro Lanzi

Alessandro is not only handsome, but also kind, brave and willing to do anything for Beatrice, the girl he loves. Conflicted between the wishes of his heart and his duty to his father, he doesn’t always make the right choice.

Beatrice's Fate Book

Eleonora Terzi

Eleonora is Beatrice’s dearest friend. She is not only beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside.

She is kind, loving, caring, a loyal friend and a perfect wife, and her love for her husband will always be unrequited.

Paolo Foscari

A rich merchant from Venice, Paolo has always been a rational man, but this changes when he meets Beatrice.

He is loyal, brave, generous, and he would do anything to protect the woman he loves.

Bastiano Terzi

Bastiano is the villain in my story.

He is evil, ruthless, despicable. Driven by his obsession for Beatrice, he won’t stop until he gets her.

What readers say

Fede Robu
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Such a breathtaking story, so many twists and cliffhangers… it’s impossible to stop reading it! I felt right INSIDE the book at every page, forgetful of what was happening around me as if I was one of the characters… an amazing plot, charming descriptions and a perfectly depicted historical setting. Lots of tears and feelings, that’s what literature is for. Thanks to the talented author for this journey into everlasting Love!
Tatiana Tierney
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I was thirsty for a historical romance and got lost in Bergamo. When I started to read this novel, I couldn't put it down. I finished it in one day. Camilla so beautifully described medieval Italian villages and characters that you feel like you are in there following Beatrice and others. Beautifully written novel and I love the book cover!
ReadWithRev Revati Umak
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“Beatrice’s Fate” by Camilla Galbiati, title is a historical romance set primarily in 17th-century Northern Italy. ♥️ This novel intertwines themes of romance, friendship, loss, pain, and resilience, and features strong female characters. 🌀The story is filled with drama and twists, providing a deep exploration of its characters’ lives and challenges. For anyone looking for a good read this summer get this reading !
Sian Thompson
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Beatrice's Fate is a powerful story of love, loyalty, friendship, pain and loss. A tale who's plot twists and turns like the tightly clustered walls and alleyways of the medieval Citta Alta in which this fabulous debut novel is partially set. Full of hidden gems. With the foothills of the Alps providing a backdrop as dramatic as her tale, you will feel as if you are there, walking beside Beatrice through her incredible journey, and you will not want to leave her side! An absolutely incredible debut, so descriptive with some really strong characters (not all of them likeable!) Congratulations Camilla Galbiati, I want more!

About the author

Camilla Galbiati Author historical romance books

Camilla Galbiati

I was born in Cornate d’Adda, a little town in Northern Italy about 30 kilometres from Bergamo.

In 2012, after getting a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature, I moved to Ireland, more precisely to Sligo, for what should have been a six-month au-pairing experience.

Life, though, had other plans. I met Séamus, now my husband, in a pub in Sligo and, after a couple of months of dating, I was completely in love and decided to stay. The stunning North-West of Ireland has been my home for many years and, by now, I consider myself half-Irish.

I’ve always had a passion for storytelling. As a young girl I used to make up stories to entertain my brothers and cousins, and I remember them listening avidly as I told them about fantasy worlds populated by elves, dwarfs, witches and other magical creatures. I’ve always been an avid reader. I love romantic books, above all historical ones.

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